Legacy Adds to its Roster!

Fall 2013

Legacy Aviation is proud to announce Russ Hampton is joining the team as a senior Service Technician.

A native Oklahoman, Russ joins Legacy with more than 25 years of aviation maintenance and repair experience with an impressive resume of airframe technical knowledge and mechanical skills.

Starting out as an A&P mechanic in 1988 Russ cut his mechanical teeth working for a couple small MRO operations until 1990 when he joined Commander Aircraft in their Bethany Oklahoma factory, producing and servicing the single engine Commander Aircraft. At Commander Russ worked within the Service Department until 1996.

Following his time at Commander, Russ worked a brief stint for the Boeing Company. Russ then leveraged his growing experience and took a job with a Gulfstream owned general aviation MRO where he remained as a Shop Supervisor until now.

His time at the Oklahoma MRO was a great experience. There he managed service operations on a wide variety of aircraft; everything from Hawker and Citation jets, to Westwind’s, King Airs and Turbo Commanders.

The Twin Commander airframe holds a special place in Russ’ heart. He is tremendously fond of the high performance Ted Smith design. Its speed, reliability and rugged design were all qualities that kept him focused on insuring his Twin Commander owners kept flying safely. His passion and intimate knowledge of the Commander airframe and systems will be a great fit for Legacy, who has been a leading worldwide Twin Commander Factory Authorized Service Center for many years.

Over the years Russ is very proud of the relationships he has built with his flying customers...a relationship he hopes to continue at Legacy. “I’m a customer focused guy. I’m also a very ‘hands- on’ mechanic and technician. That’s where I enjoy working...on the aircraft. I always want my customers to get exceptional service at a fair price…and I know Legacy operates the same way,” says Russ.

Raul (RJ) Gomez, Legacy’s CEO and owner is thrilled to have Russ on the Legacy team. “I’ve known Russ for many years and know that the customer relationships he has developed over the years are based on his quality work and attention to detail toward insuring his customers keep flying safely. I would consider Russ a ‘first round draft pick’ and we’re glad to have him.”

Russ Hampton also walks the aviation talk...having recently earned his private pilot’s license. Russ owns a Siai Marchetti S205-22R aircraft, a plane he bought and has rebuilt over the years with the help of avionics expert wife of 26 years.

Russ and wife reside in the Oklahoma City area and have three grown children.


International Sales Office Added

Fall 2013

To better serve our growing numbers of South American and Caribbean-based customers, Legacy Aviation has opened a new Latin American regional office near major airports in South Florida. Along with on-site aircraft systems expertise, the staff at our Miami office will have the full support and experience that is the hallmark of the Legacy Aviation team in Oklahoma.

In addition to customer support services, the new office will supply a broad selection of common spare and replacement parts ready for pick-up. Also, with so many direct flights from Miami to major cities in the region, we will be able to fill a majority of orders faster than ever before.

Should you require parts from our extensive Oklahoma-based spares inventory, they can be shipped directly to you or to our Miami location for pick-up. Another benefit our new office brings to Latin American operators is the fact that our South Florida team is bilingual, making it more convenient for our Spanish-speaking customers to receive the personalized services they deserve.

Contact Alejandro Gomez or Raul A. Gomez of our South Florida team at 305.591.3277 or 786.226.7796. More details are on the website at


For Legacy customer Geographic Air Survey, Inc, downtown wasn’t an option

Fall 2013

Aerial mapping is a business that is very weather dependent. Aerial mapping cameras are not radar and do not see through clouds, therefore clear skies dictate when you can work.

For Geographic Air Survey, Inc. a leading aerial mapping firm based in Alberta, Canada knows this fact firsthand. Taking aerial mapping photos in Canada can be tricky due to its northern latitudes and wildly ever changing weather.

And in the late summer of 2013, there was a window of clear weather forecasted in the Yukon just days away to complete a contracted mapping photo shoot...but “Murphy’s Law” was about to strike. A trunion on the left main landing gear of their Commander 690A was discovered to have a crack after a routine 150 hour inspection. A repair that needed to happen before they could fly the mapping mission. The crack was discovered late on a Wednesday afternoon.

Sygun Krey and her mother own Geographic Air Survey and their aerial mapping workhorse Commander aircraft. The following evening (Thursday) Sygun made contact with RJ Gomez at Legacy to explain the dilemma. RJ met with his repair team that night and the decision was made to do whatever had to be done to get the repair completed and the aircraft back in the air in order to complete the contracted photo mission. Ms. Krey was obviously relieved to hear this bit of good news.

But ferry permits and approvals had to be gathered to relocate the ailing Commander into US airspace. The next day (Friday) was spent making arrangements through the FAA to get the aircraft into the US on a ferry permit, for the work to be done. Sygun found the FAA to be cooperative and they expedited the paperwork within a few hours, another bit of good luck.

Despite a small weather delay in Wyoming, the aircraft arrived Saturday afternoon at Legacy to an awaiting repair team with the necessary parts in hand. The repair was made within a few hours Saturday night. Sunday was a well deserved ‘day-off’ for the Commander’s flight crew and Monday the aircraft returned to Canada, taking advantage of the clearing weather and fulfilling their customer’s contract.

A win-win situation for everyone involved in a mere 72 hour timeframe across two countries. For Ms. Krey, she couldn’t be happier at the outcome. “Other repair facilities we talked to wanted to stretch this repair out like gum...they didn’t appreciate the time constraints we had. But RJ and his professional team at Legacy took charge and did an amazing job of going above and beyond the call to keep us flying! They have rightfully earned a repeat customer for sure. Thank you, Legacy.”


Legacy Aviation Services at NBAA 2013

Fall 2013

If you happen to be in Las Vegas, Nevada October 22 through the 24th, stop at Booth C9432 to see us at the annual National Business Aviation Association Convention & Exhibition.

As a factory authorized Twin Commander service center, Legacy will be part of Twin Commander’s tradeshow display. We’ll be talking to owners and operators who drop by. Have any questions about your aircraft? We’ll be there to answer and introduce you to Matt Isley, the president, who has great stories to tell.


Lonnie Walden, Maintenance Manager, Is All About Service

Fall 2013

Lonnie Walden
Lonnie Walden will be the first to tell you, it’s the team that makes it happen, and he’s right. But he’s also the leader of the team and his contribution besides being maintenance manager at Legacy is to sit down with the customer, find out what they want and get to know them. This personal touch makes it easier for the team to get the customer’s aircraft in and out of the shop on time and on budget.

Lonnie knows service from the bottom up. Joining Downtown Airpark after military service, Lonnie started in line service. It wasn’t long before he was in the machine shop and now as shop foreman with years of experience and professional credentials he runs the maintenance side of Legacy. When RJ Gomez, president, formed Legacy Aviation Services, Lonnie moved with him and has been there ever since.

“I find out what the customer wants,” says Lonnie. This attention to the customer, to details and the experience of Lonnie and the team means repeat customers. “A percentage of the jobs that come in are needed right away. The sooner the customer gets flying again, the better.”

When it comes to electrical and avionics technology Lonnie knows what he’s doing with training that began in high school. A self-described “jack of all trades in all systems,” Lonnie will tackle any aircraft system or maintenance problem including that of Twin Commanders, King Airs and Citations up to and including turbine engine maintenance and repair.

“No matter how many customers we get, we do our best to make customers happy.”

What does Lonnie like to do when he’s not working at Legacy? He and his wife go fishing at Choctaw 10 Acre Lake. A husband, father of three and grandfather of seven, Lonnie also likes to fiddle around with electronics, keeping track of what’s happening with the latest. And maybe getting a little rest so he’s ready for Legacy’s next customer.


Twin Commander SB241 Update

Fall 2013

The Service Bulletin 241 that is now AD 2013-09-05 required on models 690 690A and 690B Twin Commander aircraft has an approved modification from the FAA that provides relief for some operators from its strict compliance requirements.

The modification allows operators to perform an inspection of the area in the aft pressure bulkhead that is the focus of SB241 and the AD. If the inspection reveals cracking, the operator will need to complete the modifications detailed in SB241. If the inspection does not reveal cracking, the operator will be able to resume flying for another 100 flights or 110 flight hours, whichever comes first.

Legacy’s maintenance hangars have been busy preserving Twin Commander aircraft by completing more SB241 procedures than any other factory authorized Twin Commander service center in the world. Our key contributions to the training, inspection procedure and proper fix mean that the work is performed quickly and efficiently saving Legacy customers time and money.

If you are flying one of the effected Twin Commander models, please give us a call at 405-350-2100 to schedule an inspection or with any questions you have.
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