Mid-Continent Customer Making Easy Transition to Legacy

Spring/Summer 2015

Thirty-eight years ago, chief pilot Paul Alexander was flying a Twin Commander 681. He was also in charge of maintaining the aircraft and took it to Mid-Continent Airmotive and its trusted owner, Gary Riggs.

The year was 1977. Paul stayed with Gary and Mid-Continent up to the time when Legacy Aviation Services purchased the neighboring Twin Commander service center in the fall of 2014.

“We had a 38 year relationship. Not only did they do good work, I trusted Mid-Continent 100%,” Paul said.

In a flying career spanning over 40 years, Paul has several thousand hours Commander experience. When he learned about Gary’s retirement and the transition of Mid-Continent to Legacy, he acknowledged, “It presented an obstacle to me but RJ Gomez at Legacy made taking care of the 690B Commander I currently fly awfully easy.”

That Commander he’s now flying and overseeing the maintenance is a 690B with dash 10s. Before the Legacy – Mid-Continent transaction was completed, SB241 needed to be addressed on Paul’s airframe. Without hesitation Gary Riggs recommended Legacy Aviation Services for the complicated job. Steve Reid, Legacy’s most senior technician, worked with Twin Commander Aircraft and the FAA on the SB241 solution and the Legacy crew had the experience and expertise for the project.

“I worked with RJ on SB241 and got back a fantastic airplane. I was very, very happy with the work they did. I just needed Gary’s opinion on where to go. Gary also said he had a number of his mechanics and technicians going to work for RJ. Yes, it’s a different shop, with some different people but they have the expertise and the integrity. That’s how I got here.”

Paul will be back for all of his maintenance on the Commander. “RJ sent me a detailed report on what he saw. In fact he even caught a few things that we had missed the year before. He’s very thorough and takes the responsibility of Gary’s customers very seriously. Legacy is right on top of it.” Paul has also recommended Legacy to others who have called about the transition.

“With Legacy’s new avionics department they’re now a bona fide one-stop shop,” Paul adds. He also likes the small shop atmosphere with access to the management staff and to the people on the shop floor working on his plane. “They understand what I’m looking for. They’ve been very interactive, very responsive to my needs.

“I’ve had a lot of maintenance done in my short time I’ve been doing business with Legacy. I’m very happy with them and I think so is the aircraft owner.”

Besides the Commander Paul flies several Citations and is type rated in the 500 series up to the Sovereign. A couple of the planes are fairly new and still within the factory warranty. Otherwise, Legacy would see those aircraft, too. “I’ve found they really take your business and your airplane to heart. My problems are their problems.”

Legacy invites all former Mid-Continent customers to give them a try. You’ll like us just like Paul Alexander does.


Experience & Education – Foundation of a Successful Parts Department

Spring/Summer 2015

Not everyone begins working at an FBO or MRO when they’re only 13. But Raul A. Gomez – RG to family, friends and customers – began his career at his family’s Legacy Aviation Services as an eager teenager – initially helping in the paint shop and parts department. The older he got the more he learned about the aircraft service business as his father and company founder, RJ Gomez, had him working in all departments to give him lots of well-rounded exposure and experience from the ground up. With experience came responsibility.

That hands-on experience paid off for both father and son.

“I grew up in the business. I feel like I picked up where I left off,” RG states of the Legacy Parts Manager position he started officially after recently finishing college. “My father is a mentor to me as well as a hard driving manager. I’ve experienced what he’s gone through during our years of ‘car chats’ as Legacy has grown and expanded. We’d work together on solving business situations and taking care of our customers. I thought of ways I could do it. This prepared me for the business and the everyday challenges that go with it.

“Taking care of the customer and keeping customers happy is my goal. It is the one non-negotiable rule my dad has.” RG admits that he has a similar management style to RJ when it comes to customer service. It’s second nature to him.

“I like answering customers’ questions. I also am privileged to work with a really skilled group of people. I learn from them every day.” RG knows how to get the right parts to his technician colleagues in the shop as fast as possible…and out of state or out of country as needed. “I do everything I can to make it happen, whatever it takes.”

As for the future: “I’m living the business. I think the sky is the limit. Working with everyone here has been non-stop. There are no empty spots in the hangar and no time to relax, we have to stay focused.” RG is keeping one eye on the future and the other on growth and potential business niches to expand into by using the business degree he received from Florida International University.

Always endeavoring to learn, RG recently spent time in Seattle at a Raisbeck dealer conference and looks forward to continuing his travels at industry trade-shows, owner-operator conferences and product seminars. “I like absorbing all I can…being hands on, seeing how everything works. Physically touching a part and understanding how and why it functions on an aircraft helps me to be a better problem solver for our customers. The parts catalog is not always 100% correct. I like to double check.”

Like his father and his grandfather, RG has a special spot in his aviation heart for the Twin Commander, but considers himself pretty savvy with many airframes and systems like the Citation 500 series and King Air line, an area of expertise at Legacy.

When he’s not enjoying time on the water with his family on their boat, RG feeds his inner speed demon at the local Kart track…or hanging around anything that goes fast. Always the one to ‘walk his talk’, RG plans to start his pilot training soon. Always the learner who enjoys gaining experience. Watch out mom and dad!


Legacy Installs Garmin Suite for Renaissance Commander

Spring/Summer 2015

Even a Grand Renaissance Commander needs an upgrade from time to time.

Legacy Aviation has just completed installation of this beautiful and state of the art Garmin Avionics suite in this Renaissance 840. Featuring the G600 and GTN700 series components, this Commander is now perfect from tip to tail.

Legacy performed the entire avionics overhaul including wire harness and bundling as well as all the accompanying components.

The rest of the airplane is just as elegant and state of the art as the cockpit. With paint and interior done by Legacy, this -10T Renaissance is as good as it gets.

Bring all your avionics needs to Legacy. Our experienced team is ready, willing and able to help you design your dream flight deck.




Better Business Bureau Includes Legacy in Ad Campaign

Spring/Summer 2015

When new customers to Legacy Aviation Services want to know if the company is financially responsible before writing that enormous check, they can check first with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Legacy has been in business for ten years and listed with the BBB with an A+ rating and no complaints since 2007.

“Congratulations…I already knew you were great!” wrote an 840 Commander owner to RJ Gomez, President and CEO of Legacy, when he read about the A+ rating.

The BBB is also impressed and wants to use Legacy in an ad campaign.

Kitt Letcher, President and CEO of BBB of Central Oklahoma, said inquiries are made of plumbers, accountants and other small businesses. “Aviation isn’t a typical business people would expect to be accredited. We want to show how BBB together with businesses can work to promote an ethical business community,” she commented. BBB is ready for a bigger story showing a diversified base and Legacy is a perfect fit. “At Legacy we’re committed to doing the very best for our customers. Having an excellent BBB rating notifies potential customers that they can feel confident in receiving the highest quality product from us,” added RJ. The campaign will consist of testimonial sound bites, ads, commercials and print material. Michaela Wheatley, has already written an article for the Oklahoman entitled, “Business takes flight with Better Business Bureau as its wingman.” Find it at, article 5404519, or in the March 26, 2015 edition of the newspaper.

In the BBB’s Aircraft Servicing & Maintenance category in a twelve month period, 171 inquiries were made industry wide. Thirty-four of those inquired were about Legacy. That 14% is an impressive number and customers can be assured they’re spending wisely with Legacy.


Legacy West Debuts New Lobby!

Spring/Summer 2015

The former Mid-Continent lobby area has been transformed both in name and amenities. Now considered Legacy West, our newly remodeled FBO lobby features everything customers would want on a brief fuel stop, or, to spend the day patiently waiting for arriving passengers or passing weather.

WiFi, television, a pilot’s lounge and planning center are all part of our newly renovated Legacy West. Stop in and pay us a visit…we’ve got a very elegant and comfortable spot just for you!



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