For High Customer Satisfaction, Count on the A Team

Winter 2013

The crew and staff at Legacy go out of their way to treat customers right and to make them happy. They do it with the quality of their work and their customer service. Heading the Legacy team – or A Team as they are often referred to – is Steve Reid, Structure / Special Projects Head, and Lonnie Walden, Maintenance Manager and Shop Foreman.

The A Team has been working together side by side for almost two decades. Looking at each other five days a week, they’ve gotten to know each other well and they know how their complementary skills benefit the planes they work on. This work experience creates an easy camaraderie and a work relationship that pays off for the customer.

Passions begin early in life. As a kid Steve played ‘airplane’ with a stick and wire; then cut his teeth on fixed wing and rotorcraft in the Army. Lonnie repaired TVs and did other hydraulic and electrical work while in high school; then in the Air Force he was a mechanic on the F16. Steve and Lonnie advanced their aviation careers with appropriate education – like an Aircraft Structure Repair diploma for Steve and an A&P license for Lonnie – plus numerous certificates and awards. Combined years of aviation experience between them is more than half a century.

Legacy’s customers don’t have to pay Steve or Lonnie to learn how to work on their machines. Lonnie and Steve already know the aircraft. Experience has shown them just about every imaginable situation. They’re seasoned professionals.

Legacy Steve began his general aviation career at Downtown Airpark in Oklahoma City in 1981 working on factory new Commanders. When asked about some of his memorable projects, he couldn’t name one because each project is unique and holds a special memory for him. Steve can easily recall tail numbers and where the plane was from – almost like remembering an old friend – and whether he did a structural modification, electrical installation, or structural repair – no two jobs are alike.

Lonnie joined Downtown Airpark in 1993 as a ‘jack of all trades in all systems’ in his own words and has vast experience on Citation 500s, the King Air series and over 17 years on Twin Commanders.

Legacy What makes Legacy special besides Steve and Lonnie? “It’s that feeling of coming home; it’s friendly and honest from the top to the shop,” says Steve. “RJ stays in communication with the clients and that means a lot.”

The A Team’s other strengths are their attention to detail. Both Lonnie and Steve strive for perfection always pushing to do better than the last time. There’s no cutting corners. People come long distances to see the A Team because they make sure the airplane is ready to go. And most of all – quality is paramount. Check in with the A Team for your next service.

Legacy Is Key Contributor in Twin Commander Service Bulletin

Winter 2013

Legacy In 2012 Twin Commander Aircraft issued service bulletin 241 for an inspection and modification of the aft pressure bulkhead in models 690, 690A and 690B.

Working hand in hand with Twin Commander, the FAA and a team of engineers has been Steve Reid, Legacy’s modification department head. Steve has been a key contributor to the inspection procedure and proper fix (if needed) of SB 241. Steve is also active in a Twin Commander factory training program for other Commander service centers.

The service bulletin was prompted by inspections of aircraft that revealed cracks in the aft pressure bulkhead area that developed over time due to wing loads and pressure cycle stresses concentrating in a single area on the aircraft. The service bulleting inspects the affected area and necessary modifications are made so that no further inspections will be required.

Besides our own Steve Reid’s leadership contribution to SB 241, Legacy has taken a proactive role with the issue. And this experience is paying off for Legacy customers. So far nearly 15 SB 241 events have happened or are scheduled. Legacy is able to perform the work quickly and efficiently…saving Legacy customers a meaningful amount of money and decreased aircraft down time.

RJ Gomez, Legacy’s CEO says, “We’re glad to be a part of analyzing the safest and most cost-effective way to address the service bulletin. The special training on the fix is a must and Legacy’s shop has the expertise to handle it and to see that owners and operators are flying safely.”

If you are flying model 690, 690A or 690B, give Legacy a call at 405-350-2100 to schedule an inspection.

Maintenance Capacity Expanded by 70%

Winter 2013

Legacy Legacy Aviation Services has nearly doubled its maintenance and modification shop space to 22,000 square feet at it C.E. Page Airport facility outside Oklahoma City.

The decision to add more service area comes as Legacy is responding to an ever growing customer base that is taking advantage of Legacy’s well known airframe maintenance, repair and modification expertise.

The expanded and fully operational maintenance service allows Legacy to comfortably work on larger jet aircraft as well as the business and general aviation fleet of turbo props and light jets – such as the King Air, early Citation and Twin Commander airframes. “As these airframes age, the need for expert technicians that really understand and can maintain them is growing big time,” said Steve Reid, head of maintenance and modification business unit. And that’s where Legacy excels. Legacy has the experience and skills to keep our owner/operator customers of these workhorse aircraft flying safely. “Legacy knows that operators demand people who know how to work on their aircraft quickly and cost efficiently,” added Reid. “We can do that and more with our expanded facility.”

Raul (RJ) Gomez, CEO of Legacy, saw the need early and reacted appropriately to the needs of Legacy’s customers, most specifically to the turbo prop and light jet segment. “We’re fortunate in that the general aviation and business aviation markets know they can receive maintenance and modification – and even engineering expertise – at Legacy that is second to none. We’re going to do what it takes to keep aviation safe, viable and as cost effective as possible.”

Going the Extra Mile

Winter 2013

Great businesses are built on great service. That’s always been the creed at Legacy Aviation. Recently we’ve had the pleasure of having two of our customers take time out of their busy schedule to write and tell us how much they appreciate our efforts to keep them flying.

Bill Johnson
~Whatever it Takes

After suffering an unfortunate gear collapse while taxiing Bill Johnson’s Commander had to be ready to fly immediately. Sometimes business simply can’t wait.

And the Legacy team didn’t wait. They went to work and continued to work around the clock all weekend and by Monday N88BJ emerged from the paint shop fully repaired and restored to airworthy condition. Mr. Johnson resumed normal operations as scheduled.

Legacy Bill has been a longtime friend and customer to Legacy and the entire Legacy team knew how important it was to keep their customer happy!

A few days later, these kind words were delivered to Legacy:

You and your team have always done a great job of maintenance and repair for me, starting with the major nose cone to tail cone renovation in 2000. But the blitz this weekend to get the plane finished by Monday went way beyond the call of duty. You have a great team.

Please give my deepest thanks to everyone for this Herculean effort and great results. You are obviously a great leader to get this kind of support from everyone there.

I deeply appreciate the quality of our relationship over these many years and the professional and personal support you’ve given me. I certainly want to maintain our connection long after 88BJ is flying with someone new. “

Paul Shapiro
~A Recovery Mission

When an overzealous ground handler recently attempted moving Paul’s beautiful 840 with a tug more appropriate for a Boeing 737 the result was not pretty. An orthopedist might refer to it as an airframe “compound fracture” of the nose gear!

To complicate the situation Mr. Shapiro’s aircraft was several hundred miles from its home base.

Legacy’s response was aircraft triage…Steve Reid was immediately dispatched to the ailing ship and within 48 hours N840PS was given a ferry permit to get it to Legacy for a complete repair. Back in Legacy’s hangar final repairs were made and Mr. Shapiro was once again back in business.

Once again, kind words were imparted upon Legacy:

“I want to tell you how much I appreciate the great job done by your team and the extraordinary effort that I know Steve and others put in to get it to me today. I thank you all”

Great businesses are built on great service. At Legacy Aviation these are more than just words…it’s in their DNA.
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