Component Overhaul & Repair

Component Overhaul & Repair

Available in-house and quickly returned to service

Landing Gear, Hydraulic, and Component Overhaul & Repair

Legacy has a comprehensive aircraft component maintenance and repair operation for landing gear and hydraulic system components.

Legacy is known for quality, reliable service that is fast and on time. Our in-house service removes the wasteful and expensive downtime of shipping to another overhaul or repair vendor. Legacy can offer concurrent aircraft component maintenance for aircraft undergoing maintenance which reduces spare requirements, eliminates shipping costs, and decreases installation, rigging and test flight costs.

We are committed to providing you with the highest-quality components service, completed on-time and at a competitive price.

9920 Upper Body

Hydraulic Accumulator

Nose Gear Steering Cylinder




Power Brake Valve


Parts and capabilities

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Save Time, Save Money

I have been taking my airplane to Legacy Aviation since they opened. The service has always been excellent. In the event we have to order parts, we get them very quickly and at the right price. And maintenance on the airplane is superb. I would recommend the shop to anyone for Commanders, King Airs and Citations. I see Legacy more as friends than just a professional relationship.

by Carlos Bauer, Turbo Commander 840

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