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Proper and regular inspection and maintenance of your aircraft is what keeps you safe and productive.

Legacy maintenance personnel take the same approach in their commitment to keep you flying. Their maintenance and repair technicians have hundreds of years of combined technical knowledge and experience. Along with regular training to ensure that state of the art techniques are used on your aircraft, you won’t waste time or money with someone learning how to work on your aircraft.

Specializing in:
  • Recurring maintenance requirements and events
  • Systems troubleshooting and repair
  • Garrett, Pratt & Whitney, and Williams Expertise
  • Rotable components
  • Pre-Buy Inspections
Legacy maintenance technicians are ready to serve you and be dispatched to your location anywhere in the world when you need us.



Man working on Airplane Engine

Keep Flying

From minor to major airframe and aircraft systems repair, Legacy has the industry’s finest and most experienced repair technicians anywhere

As aircraft age they are often affected by Airframe and aircraft system fatigue as well as Service Bulletins and Airworthiness Directives. Complex and critical repairs to airplanes and their various systems caused by normal wear and tear over time are a specialty at Legacy. We have worked with OEMs and FAA representatives to bring cost effective and terminating solutions to today’s aging aircraft. We keep your aircraft flying and working.

Legacy is fully capable to repair any system in your aircraft quickly and efficiently.

Legacy knows AOG situations are both urgent and extremely inconvenient for aircraft owner/operators. That’s why our expert repair personnel are ready to help at any time in order to find a solution to keep you productive.


Better Than New

As aircraft age and technology advances the need for airframe modifications have grown

As aircraft age and technology advances the need for airframe modifications have grown

Aging aircraft eventually show signs of airframe fatigue and can show signs of corrosion. Many of the most productive aircraft being flown over the last 20-30 years are being issued Service Bulletins (SB) or Airworthiness Directives (AD) that require specific modification to the airframe structure to maintain its airworthy condition.

Legacy Aviation is world renowned for its involvement in working with FAA engineering representatives and consultants in both identifying and determining the proper and long-term modifications. This saves Legacy customers significant cost when aging airframe modifications are necessary.


Similarly, technological advances in aerial mapping have caused a global boom in the need for these mission specific aircraft. Legacy has decades of experience in the installation of camera hole modifications and camera installations.

Legacy customers can be confident their modification projects can be delivered with minimum downtime and on budget.

Airframe modifications are an area of unmatched expertise at Legacy. Whether it is a special mission need or an aging aircraft issue, aircraft owner/operators can be confident Legacy has almost certainly performed the modification.


The Smart End
of the Aircraft

Legacy has the technicians and equipment to handle most any avionics repair or installation

Legacy is a factory authorized reseller and repair facility for:

Airplane Avionics

I have been to shops all over the country, and the experience level of the technicians here is second to none! If you want the BEST, go to the BEST.

by J.R. Bob Huskey, Twin Commanders & King Air 350

Keep Flying


Man working on Airplane Engine

When an aircraft needs a part, all other matters seem to take a back seat.

Keeping an aircraft productive is critical; keeping it safe is non negotiable.

Legacy is committed to providing the fastest response time to your critical parts needs. We have an extensive selection of aviation parts, including rotables, and components for airframes, engines, propellers and avionics for multiple types of aircraft that can be shipped AOG today.

Legacy offers a wide selection of product lines available in stock. Our expert staff also has the knowledge and resources to locate those extremely hard to find parts. Our bi-lingual (English/Spanish) sales associates are ready to assist you in acquiring the right parts at a competitive price.