As aircraft age and technology advances the need for airframe modifications have grown.

Aging aircraft eventually show signs of airframe fatigue and can show signs of corrosion. Many of the most productive aircraft being flown over the last 20-30 years are being issued Service Bulletins (SB) or Airworthiness Directives (AD) that require specific modification to the airframe structure to maintain its airworthy condition.

Legacy Aviation is world renowned for its involvement in working with FAA engineering representatives and consultants in both identifying and determining the proper and long term modifications. This saves Legacy customers significant cost when aging airframe modifications are necessary.

Legacy customers can be confident their modification projects can be delivered with minimum downtime and on budget.

Legacy was instrumental in developing a solution to the Twin Commander SB241 modification that strengthened the pressure vessel in the aft bulkhead.

Similarly technological advances in aerial mapping have caused a global boom in the need for these mission specific aircraft. Legacy has decades of experience in the installation of camera hole modifications and camera installations.

Airframe modifications are an area of unmatched expertise at Legacy. Whether it is a special mission need or an aging aircraft issue, aircraft owner/operators can be confident Legacy has almost certainly performed the modification.

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