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Whether you are looking to purchase new or pre-owned, or sell the aircraft you currently own, Legacy Aviation has the proven experience and longstanding industry relationships to get things done. Our seasoned professionals will help you make a smart decision in acquiring or selling your aircraft.


1974 Twin Commander 690A

Offered by Legacy, this '74 690A with brand new -10's is a premium value for the discriminating buyer. Prime Exterior and Interior; All SB's and AD's Complied With.

  • FRESH-10 Engines, only 20 hours since the conversion
  • GARMIN 500/Bendix RDR 2000 Radar
  • Low time airframe
  • New paint and interior completed by Legacy
  • SB223, 237, and 241 completed by Legacy
  • New picture windows
  • Keith freon system
  • Slipper tanks system installed
  • Extensive inspection complete

For complete information, Contact RJ Gomez.


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